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Ya no existe para mantener un modelo de masas. Ahora, los productores prefieren buscar acciones mas individuales y eficaces.


Un mundo sin contraseñas


Si eres emprendedor ?

No te pierdas este artículo, te ayudara a que no te equivoques. No todos pueden ser emprendedores. Y ser emprendedor no quiere ser signo de éxito. Además, esta tierra es del Estado, de la Administración nacional, autonómica y local. Lo privado es solo una nueva burbuja. Sea listo y apruebe una oposición para hacienda o lo que sea, vacaciones garantizadas, y la mejor pensión. Si se queda en lo privado, vivirá intensamente, tendrá una salud de hierro y nunca sera viejo (nunca se jubilará). Ánimo !

Eres 2.0 marketing digital

Si quieres estar en el futuro 2.0, dosis de marketing, de tecnología, una pizca de organizacion y mucha visión estratégica. Now, we can !

How to establish your company’s Social Media Lead Team

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With 2500+ customers, an epic journey has just begun at Wingify

Posted: 23 Apr 2013 06:36 AM PDT


Oh well, how the time passes. I distinctly remember the first day I decided to do "something" in the online marketing space and hence begun hunting for the perfect name. After numerous variations and tweaks, I finally settled down on a domain that sounded just fine and inspired joy and enthusiasm. The name was Wingify and the date it was registered on was 9th November, 2008.

I was 21 years old then. Fresh out of college, I was naive and had very little savings. What I had instead was an insuppressible itch to do "something of my own". With many startup attempts during college, I had tried curing that itch, but with each failure, the itch only grew stronger. So when I was thrown out in the real world, Wingify came into existence as a boilerplate "project" to cure that itch.

Wingify – early days (June, 2011)
Wingify early days

Fast-forward to the present day

You know what? Today, Wingify's flagship product Visual Website Optimizer, the world's easiest A/B testing tool has achieved the milestone of 2500+ active paying customers across 75+ countries.

Yay! 2500+ customers!

I and the whole Wingify family are ecstatic about this achievement because (believe it or not!) we never set out to do any of this. With Wingify, my initial humble goal was to see if I'm able to finally make a product that someone out there in the world would be ready to pay for and really to make an equivalent of my market salary, which was Rs. 50,000/month (USD 1000). I would have been the happiest person if that had happened and to much of my surprise, with the launch of first paid plans for Visual Website Optimizer in 2010, on the first day itself, I signed up 10+ customers and earned USD 1000+.

Starting with the launch of VWO 3 years ago, my good friend Sparsh Gupta joined as a partner and CTO, we sought and convinced 20+ smart souls to join us and together all of us unknowingly created the Wingify culture and a very successful A/B testing product.

Sparsh (second from left) meets some of our 2500+ customers (June, 2012)
Wingify and its customers

My bootstrapped journey: from ZERO to millions without raising any funding

I believe our journey is interesting because we became a company almost by accident. Like I said, we never started out to become a typical "Silicon-valley" style company that raises millions of dollars in funding, grows really fast (sometimes at the expense of a business model or profitability), in hopes of one day getting an "exit" which in most cases is an acquisition by some larger player. Of course, that model works for a lot of startups and entrepreneurs, but we started out because a 21 year old (me, back then) wanted to see if he can make money by himself. At 25, now he is very happy that his experiment turned out to be successful and that along the way, he's been able to build a successful business as a byproduct.

I reflected back on our 3 year journey and made a small presentation that talks about why Wingify was founded, how Visual Website Optimizer was built and the lessons we learned along the way. Here's the presentation:

Download the presentation: The Wingify Story – From ZERO to millions in revenue without raising any funding [PDF, 8mb].

If you relate to our story and philosophy, please feel free to tweet it, share it on Facebook or simply embed on your blog :) I'm excited to hear your comments and thoughts on our journey!

The way ahead for Wingify

Even though one may argue that 2500 customers figure is an arbitrary number, it is an important milestone for us because it forced us to reflect on who we are and what we want to become. In the mad rush of the startup world that demands ever-faster growth, it allowed us to stay put for a moment and see the values we relate to and the philosophy that guides us. It allowed us to answer the "why" of Wingify.

Reflecting on what drives Wingify, I have come to realize that three aspects are most important to us as an organization: Freedom, Joy and Quality. What we mean by these terms?

  • Freedom: freedom to do whatever we want to do without any external pressures. We want to be very individualistic, even if that means we need to go against the flow in some cases.
  • Joy: happiness is very important for us. (That is also why we call our technical support team, the customer happiness team). If we're not happy doing something, no matter how much money it makes, it's not worth for us. This also relates to freedom. If one is not free, one cannot be happy!
  • Quality: quality means avoiding mediocrity like a plague and delivering best possible experiences to the world. It means increasing the overall beauty in the universe

We love the spirit of entrepreneurship!
VWO entrepreneurship

These values aren't just theoretical. We breathe them everyday at Wingify. We haven't raised any funding so far because unless it's absolutely required, external funding does curtail freedom of a company to some extent. Even though we're growing crazily (we have added 1000+ customers in the last 9 months alone), we're not obsessed about growth. Instead, we're obsessed about our team's and our customers' happiness and that happens through stable, usable, affordable products. Plus, even though we could release features and products in a hurry, we want to make sure whatever we release becomes a symbol of quality so we're very careful of what goes out in the world and we always try it to be of the highest beauty possible.

As for our future, we remain obsessed about developing beautiful software products and making the world a happier place.

Since Visual Website Optimizer is growing really fast and we're adding many new customers every day, we're expanding our team and adding more thrust to the product. In the last month itself, 5 new people have joined us to make our team a total of 20 right now. We also have a total of 100K+ A/B tests created on our platform so far!

We're hiring aggressively in Delhi, India for many roles: marketing, sales, iOS/Android engineering, frontend engineering, backend engineering, customer happiness and UI / UX / visual design. So if you're interested or know anyone who relates to our culture, drop a mail to careers@wingify.com.

So, how are we celebrating?

Thousands of customers and no celebration? That can't possibly happen! Last Friday, our whole team celebrated in the office and later went out for a crazy party. Here's a picture that shows why joy is so important for us :)

We're happy like ducks (Last Friday, 19 April, 2013)
We're happy like ducks!

As for you, dear blog reader and a potential Visual Website Optimizer customer, we thought that an initial hefty discount may help in your decision to try out our product and see if it is really as great as our 2500+ customers claim it to be. So, signup for a free trial (if you don't have a VWO account already) and use the 'VWO2500′ coupon at the checkout page while upgrading to get 75% discount for first month (second month onwards, standard rates will be charged). This discount is applicable for new accounts or upgrades for all our pricing plans (including enterprise plans).

For 75% discount on Visual Website Optimizer (first month only), use 'VWO2500′ (without quotes) on the checkout page. Valid until April 30, 2013.

I hope you liked our story, our values, our future and the discount! As a reminder, in case you want to download the presentation, you can do so here: The Wingify Story: From ZERO to millions in revenue without raising any funding [PDF, 8mb].

Hamster says: Visual Website Optimizer rocks!

Our resident hamster says: hi there :)

Please leave a comment here if you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions. YOU are the reason we exist!

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Si en un estudio estadístico existe tantas notas al margen. Necesita tantas aclaraciones. Como estamos seguros que los impuestos que nos aplican no son los mas fáciles de aplicar y no los mas justos ?


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He leído el artículo de Foursquare de Enrique Dans y es claro por su información que tener una empresa que factura 2 M $, de actividad en NY pero con una notoriedad planetaria. En nuestro caso tenemos otro ejemplo con calidad tecnológica, Geoxfere.


Redes sociales, marketing digital...emociones !

En este enlace vemos como la nostalgia de los seres queridos, simbolizado en un anillo, de los que indican que se esta comprometido, casado y que uno ya no es libre para hacer lo que quiera, sino que le debe respeto y dignidad a la persona que lo otorgó. Historia bonita para iniciar la mañana.
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Presentamos un post donde nos pintan la deuda española como un problema con solución muy poco fácil. Seamos realistas, pensemos positivamente y luchemos por mejorar el futuro.


Todo Estado...nada de mercado

Pues si esto es cierto vivo en el país de nunca jamás... La creacion de riqueza se realiza por el Estado, tenemos ejemplos con la RDA o la misma URSS paradigmas de como el mercado estatal lograron la mayor riqueza para sus ciudadanos, incluso llegaron a imponer su modelo, economía planificada, centralizada y dirigida, frente a la capitalista. El dinero no existe, solo es un elemento creado por el Estado para organizar compras y ventas, como en el monopoli.

Vamos bien, estoy dispuesto a pagar todos los impuestos con el dinero del monopoli estatal que me proporcione ...el mismo estado.

Bueno, todos funcionarios!


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Todo por unos correos de na... Internet es ya historia de verdad. Una imputación real por la Justicia española gracias a los mensajitos mandados entre marido y mujer.

Me pregunto, además, quien pagara un bufete tan caro ! A mí si me juzgan me gustaría disponer de ellos...


Es poco 5 euros la hora ?

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Este blog es de tecnología pero...

Si, hacemos un post enlace que puede entenderse político en España. Para los que lo lean fuera de ella, no lo entenderán como tal. Hoy para los que somos católicos leer esto nos parece todo una pesadilla, pero sabemos, como se relata en el artículo, que no fue la única. En Comillas, Cantabria, los Jesuitas tuvieron otro suceso semejante en muertes y probablemente en horror. Un familiar se libro por una semana. Todo por la fe en Cristo. Si, algunos apuntarán que la Iglesia apoyaba a un bando... Pero las manifestaciones de los que morían no era por la politica sino por la Fe.


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Po vale!


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El Estado debe sobrevivir!

Esa es la explicación, un político sin dinero en las arcas del estado, qué es ? Una quita a los ahorradores!
Impuestos directosn indirecto y quitas al ahorro.

Creación de riqueza ? O reparto de la Pobreza ?

Mientras el Estado no deje de tomar recursos privados por medio de impuestos, todo es un artificio contable. Autonomias gastando como si nada pasase. Este año 7,2 de déficit !!! Así, será el empleo que creemos, no tendrán ni para vivir, vía impuestos se va todo para tapar los desastres de gestión bancaria y de la administración.